INFOWARRIOR ALERT – Examples of posts being blocked by Facebook –

I am not attesting to the validity of the sites, I am commenting that Facebook is being censored…..
That makes my inner librarian stand up and take notice….

I was going to pass a friends event, Leslie Fieger, Mojorising Event in Dublin info along, got a strange message from FB ..
This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems.
If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

First I wondered if it was just a way to get more money for advertising.. I think it goes deeper..

Another friend Dr Stephen West invited me to an event in Los Angeles, the same thing happened …

Was asking a question, commenting on the coincidence that ” ISIS ” had the same name as the ” IS:IS portal ”

Not sure what this means…
though it would be appropriate to ask if anyone else is experiencing this?


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MyProsperity Mojo Rising – Join Leslie Fieger in Ireland in August ….

Join Leslie in Ireland Aug. 15, 2015..

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New Directions – Am Playing from Now On … Lessons Learned from my Fellow Sudburians.

Recently the Star reported that Sudbury was the happiest place in Canada and that Toronto was the second last, before Vancouver. Now here I’ve been moving, traveling for the last 40 years and now I find out we had it right all along in Northern Ontario.

Screw the motivational coaches that warn about the “complacency of success”…
The most abundant people aren’t the people with the most money, they are the people who are the most grateful for what they have …

In other words… Success is getting what you want… Happiness is wanting what you get ….. So from now on, I am going for Content! :)

Note to Self:
Have fun! No more chasing people… if they want your help, they know where to find you and they can ask you for it.
If you like them you might

I am now the proud owner of …
Fun online travel agency .. get travel deals and good people to take care of you, and support Janet in her travels… Contact me if you would like to know how to get your own online travel agency. Right now, some awesome travel agents are running it, I will be able to do more cool things once I pass my TICO exams :)

FUN TOOL TWO- Online Namasplay Mastermind Group ….
You can send me a private message to traveling theta healer or buy me a long island ice tea and we’ll talk …..

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Congratulations Maryann

Congratulations on your book launch! Drinks are on the house. Offering your tribe a complimentary Buy Janet a Long Island Ice Tea Session…

Email me at

Check out Maryann’s new book: I am losing it! Spiritual weight loss…

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Instant Miracle Mastery Certification – London, England, Dec. 2014


Instant Miracle Techniques for Coaching ….

People need our help, let’s get people coached.. Christian Mickelsen.

As an Instant Miracle Mastery facilitator, I have been given the additional privilege to bring his coaching techniques to other coaches. These empowerment tools are invaluable for both your own inner work as well as offering awesome game changing paradigm shifts to your clients.

I am offering an opportunity to those introverts who shy away from big events to master the Instant Miracle Tools by practicing, learning and playing in a more intimate setting.

I will be offering a 24 hour intensive over a 4 day period to a select few private clients in London England. We will be forming a healing mastermind group. There will be room for a maximum of 10 registrants.

The event will be held in Essex, close to London at the Merrymeade House,
Dates: Dec. 11-14, 2014 . 9am – 5pm daily.

We will gather together for four days, Thursday-Sunday, Dec. 11-14, 2014. This will give us plenty of time to learn the skills and develop competence and confidence in proving our mastery by working with others.

By the end of the Event you will have mastered 4 cutting edge coaching techniques…

1. Muscle Testing as a way to ask for universal truth and intuition ….
2. Peace Process as a way to dissipate trapped emotions in the body ….
3. Instant Miracle Technique as a way of using breath to shift energy paradigms and clear energy blocks in clients.
4. Ultra High Frequency Transmission energy healing as a way to remotely send energy to people.

In addition, you will have access to a Healing Mastermind group where you can practice and receive healing. The relationships you make with your co-students will be invaluable….

More about the Peace Process video

The-Peace-Process pdf


More about the Instant Miracle Experience

This is a video of one of Christian’s Instant Miracle Event. He will be offering this again in San Diego in March, 2015.

If you would like to register for Janet’s training in December, there is an early bird full pay special.

Full Pay – Early Bird Registration

The UK event venue is the Merrymeade House,
Dates: Dec. 11-14, 2014 . 9am – 5pm.


To find out more about the Instant Miracle Mastery Techniques for your coaching tools, how to host Janet, or how to use the techniques to rock your world, buy me a long island icetea and we will talk….
If cost for the certification is an issue, let me know, I can’t change the price, I may be able to offer a payment plan.


What other IMM trainers say about Janet

Janet is a master teacher and is very, very loving and understanding. She is perceptive, highly intuitive and a great mentor. Working with Janet is going to be a powerful experience for those who want hands on learning on your own turf – no airline tickets, no trans-atlantic flights.

Pamela Cournoyer

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Destiny: Leslie Fieger, Choose Your Own Adventure…..

From the Author …

You are already living your destiny. Of course, you can change that at any time you choose.
Likewise, you are already leaving your legacy and you can also choose, in each new moment, to create something more, something different.
Why not choose now to take control of who you are becoming, what you are enacting and what you will have as a result?
Destiny; it is yours by design or by default.
This little book is written to help you take charge of your life, to design your destiny.

Leslie Fieger
January 2004

Leslie’s work has been instrumental in my path to self-mastery.
I truly believe that this work provides many of the tools of empowerment.
I am committed to help anyone who decides to do this work.

He has generously made the bulk of his work available through his Prosperity Mojo site.

I am including a bonus hour choose your own adventure coaching session to anyone who purchases this work through my shameless affiliate link…..


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Strategic Intervention – How to become a certified Tony Robbins, Cloe Mandanes Coach

This is my proud affiliate link. Contact me if you’ve purchased through this link. I will gift you 10 theta/coaching sessions to help you with the program.

Have fun,

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Bonus 6 month extraordinary coaching sessions to help you rock Free Sessions That Sell….

Check out my awesome bonus package for
Free Sessions That Sell —>

I am gifting 12 theta/extraordinary coaching sessions to help you work through, plan, practise and rock the technique.

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10 Top mistakes coaches do when connecting to potential clients during intro sessions..

When Christian Michelson speaks about connecting with people so that they will hire you so you can help them, I listen.
He has helped so many people be themselves and find and connect with the right clients and earn 6 figure incomes…
Here’s what he has to say…

Do you do intro sessions or consultations to get clients?

If you do purchase Free Sessions that Sell through my affiliate link, I am gifting you with 12 free one hour theta sessions to help you bust through the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck…..

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Getting out of way and being the dream …. baby steps …. Is coaching for you?

I had a message, a dream, to help people, chillax, cut themselves some slack… did enough work on myself to put myself out there and post a video…

This is me, two years ago after retiring.

The beginning of the mantra …

My dad died about two weeks after the video. My mom didn’t need my help anymore so I eventually went to the mountains after a year detour …..

I learned that I am a healer and a coach.

A year later, I brought my Mantra to the Extraordinary Coaches in San Diego… do they ever know how to package it!

My health has improved so much. I have gotten out of my way and have stepped up into my dream ….
I have helped over 75 people as a theta healer, I have coached some awesome people to achieve their desired results. I have finally claimed who I am and have set up my shingle, saying goodmorning world …. Here is my new website …

Wondering if coaching is right for you, take this quiz..

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