Love Revolution ….. feeding love not fear … Shine your light and Remember the love you have always been …

Change of heart … Have decided to plaster FB with inspiration and love …….
The world needs to remember this ….. Share your light and remember the love that you already are.

More than ever the world needs your love. Own the sadness, the helplessness of not being able to prevent so many from experiencing their pain.
There is no amount of you feeling bad that will make anyone else feel better.

The best thing we can do is breathe deeply, keep our vibrations up, give our hearts permission to feel, and give ourselves love …… Ohm Shanti …

Go deep within…. what energy, unfinished business is coming up for you….
what words do you need to hear so that you can process the feeling and allow the emotion to dissipate?…..

The trigger is there for you to allow yourself to have the feeling, love and accept yourself even though you are feeling it, tell the words to yourself and mean it …. The healing comes from an open heart, your body knows what to do ….. allow it ….. you don’t need to hear it from anyone but yourself….

Take back your power, radical responsibility for your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams. Choose actions inspired by love ….

I have recently learned about the work of Matt Khan
Never heard things explained as well as he does …

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Morning Lift! Shine ON! Thankyou, I love you ….. Why am I not allowing this in my life?

Change your Perception, Change your Question, Change your reality…
BE the dream….

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
(that’s the Wayne Dyer quote that woke me up.)

What if we changed the question?
How about instead of why is this happening to me, we asked why am I not allowing this in my life?

What will it take for me to allow myself to receive everything that I want?

What if the universe has been offering support and instead of saying, you shouldn’t have, who are you to butt it, I can do this on my own, what if, you let go of false pride and smiled gratefully and said, holy fucking cow, thank you, I love you, mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaah, hugsssssssss ….. :) :) I am so grateful that I am in the flow, have access to everything and everything I need comes to me with grace, ease and perfect timing, ….

What if you are getting exactly what you are focusing on ….. If you say you want a million dollars, that is what you get, the “wanting” of a million dollars. What if what you desire is to be in the feeling of being a millionaire. Imagine it. Step into it. What our minds can conceive, and believe, we achieve when we allow ourselves to receive …… It’s all out there, we’ve forgotten how to access it …

In my opinion, awareness, consciousness is our greatest gift.

Be a millionaire in feeling, and spirit. Own your power. huh?

I am taking back some of mine by blogging, vlogging again.

I will use my blog to offer hope and inspiration.

I am a thetahealer/empowerment coach.
I activate people to step into who they truly know they are.
I ask powerful questions, provide effective feedback, give you crystal clarity, help you lift the limiting beliefs, and formulate the strategies, inspire you to take action, keep you focused, motivated and accountable for being the dream, taking the leap, creating the life in this world.

I am allowing the people who would benefit from my awareness to become aware of me. How about when you comment, you speak your truth and ask for what you would like to receive, then I can ask the right question, and give you the powerful feedback to help you figure out how to access your desires.

The truth will make you free.

I’ll start,
I am allowing two awesome coaching clients into my life…. If you are struggling with too many options, limiting beliefs, need clarity, need someone to believe in you until you can believe in yourself, and are not allowing yourself to afford to invest in yourself. I can help you get to the core of why you don’t think you deserve it, are worth it, why it works for everyone except you, all of the stories …. Ready for radical truth, radical responsibility, taking back your power and creating the life you would like to experience?

Contact me travelingthetahealer@gmail .com for a one hour self-discovery session from the all about you coach … :)


Conceive, believe, receive, create your awesome day, love J.

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Know thyself … If I want the truth, I just ask ME ….

Know thyself ….
Ask not who am I, what do I want … To know the truth,
Just ask ME ……

Had to laugh at myself today when I was doing my morning reflections, gratitudes, meditations…. I have been very aware that the better my questions, the more clear the answer appears . I use muscle testing for my intuiting of universal truth and my highest best possible self.

Everyone talks about the I Am ..
There’s also the by Myself .
And the just be me…

Ok, it’s complicated…
Today to organize my day, I asked “me” and not should I. Not what do I want.

I asked What will ME be doing in the future, where will ME be going?

Talk about coming from a place of knowing … The answer was ” damn straight she is ” …. :)

Biggest takeaway, if I am just me, I will ask me and not myself or I …

Bazinga :)

Ok, me will explain… How the Janet unit will organize her life is by removing anything that isn’t me .. Like Michelangelo chipped away at everything that isn’t David..,

For example ..
Me lives in an uncluttered condo …

Therefore any clutter in me’s condo must be eliminated….

Me has organized financial records. Therefore taxes get filed on time.

Me runs like the wind and dances in the moonlight. Me naturally moves her body energetically..

Ya know, this is fun and it works for ME…

Organizing my life to be congruent with what works for ME …

Me has an an awesome blog, and will post this as a cool article, and a webinar …
And a book
Just be me ….

“Damn straight me does”

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Morning Lift! Relish Revere Contribute unlocking prosperity mojo

Morning Lift!
:) Shine On! :)

Relish. Revere. Contribute. Leslie Fieger

Add to the equation …
Allow, believe, receive

You have the master keys to cocreator the life your heart desires and your soul intended …

Take responsibility for your life … Take inspired action …

Happy journey … Keep walking.

Caveat emptor it is not a magic bullet, it is a detailed roadmap with all the tools for the journey and the guidance of one of the smartest, kindest, curmudgeons on the planet.

I stand behind my proud affiliate link …

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Imaginecells hero Leslie Fieger for creating Prosperity Mojo

Prosperity Mojo is part of Leslie Fieger’s legacy.

He offers a virtual coaching roadmap to the same processes he used to create his $75,000,000 Delfin empire. More importantly he shares how you can create the life your heart desires and your soul intended.

He is offering his greatest works at an extraordinary price with most of the proceeds going to his affiliates.

These are some of the tools that have been instrumental in me taking back my power.

Enjoy the Prosperity Mojo Roadmap.

It’s Leslie’s intention to wake up 1,000,000 people to create self-directed heart felt, soul inspired abundant prosperous lives. I encourage you to consider becoming an affiliate and help spread his meme: relish, revere, contribute.

Thank you Leslie. Keep walking.

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Morning Lift! SHINE ON! Living a life filled with miracles ….

Morning Lift! SHINE ON!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Einstein:

Creator of all that is thank you for the miracles in my life, help me live in this feeling of gratitude and radiate your love and miracles with every breath. Today I choose breathe in your radiant abundance, relax in your grounding and protection, and delight in the blessings.

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INFO WARIOR ALERT – Nestle doing stem cell research on cravings

You shall know them by their fruits …..
Nestle …….
World Economic Forum
Stem Cell Research

Nestlé wants to discover about human stem cell defect and yearnings
German Economic News | 9:01:14, 12:27

The food giant Nestlé is conducting research into brain and liver cells. He wants to develop foods that can heal diseases. Nestlé sees a chance that the pharmaceutical and the food market merge. In this way, the industry can respond to defects and aspirations of the human organism.

Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck sees the sale of medicinal food market of the future.

Nestlé enters into a strategic partnership with the biotechnology company Cellular Dynamics International (CDI). The Food Group supplies of CDI with the human brain and liver cells to investigate it. Nestlé hopes to create and develop profitable products, such as Wall Street Journal reported.

The manager of CDI, Robert Palay, said that 18 of 20 major pharmaceutical companies acquire already at CDI stem cells for research purposes. However, Nestlé is the first food manufacturer to operate cell research. CDI produces the brain, liver, and other human somatic cells from stem cells.

Nestlé is interested in affecting how nutrients and additives in foods the cells. The knowledge gained will benefit the company to to produce modified beverages and foods. These products can I apply so that they have medicinal properties, said Emmanuel Baetge, the chairman of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences.

For over ten years, the Group invests in medical nutrition. Thus, Nestlé bought the company Prometheus, which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Even the purchase of Novartis Medical Nutrition established the medical know-how of the company continues. Other research fields in which the Group invests are obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

“We want to pioneer a new industry between food and pharma business,” said Board of Directors President and CEO Peter Brabeck. The products should be tailored to the individual consumer and draw their particular disease risks into consideration.

Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke spoke of a “fascinating project.” Here it is not just about getting a new chocolate on the market, he said. “This is about improving people’s lives.”

Nestlé however, this is not just about improving the life circumstances but to profit interests. Institute Director Baetge admits: “Medical foods offer higher profit margins than traditional products,” said Baetge.

Most importantly, the findings from the stem cells of the food industry enable, already in progress on defects and aspirations of the human organism to gain knowledge.

In order for a health-promoting production is possible as well as manipulation.

The market for health and wellness food sat in 2013 to about 772 billion U.S. dollars. In 2018, this revenue will rise to $ 944 billion, analysts estimate of EUR monitor. For the market for medical food is growing much faster than the conventional food market.

The food industry more and more frequently on the fact that it mixes harmful ingredients in their products. So chewing gums contain carcinogenic additives . Other foods, such as the popular Oreo cookies, have a strong potential for addiction . The consequences of excessive consumption of industrial food are sometimes disastrous. So more and more children in Germany suffer from diabetes .

Nestlé, as an important part of the food industry, was involved in the creation of these problems. Now, the group opens up a new market that offers the appropriate solutions.


Best way to cut your cravings for chocolate… be aware of how that taste comes into being ….
Decline of Roman civilization lead in the wine…
Decline of North American civilization lead in the chocolate….

The real truth behind chocolate … if this doesn’t stop your cravings I don’t know what will…….

I am even more disconcerted by Nestle’s stand on Water Rights….

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Morning Lift! SHINE ON! Today I choose to cherish and be grateful for the little things and give back with great love …

Morning Lift! SHINE ON!

Today I choose to cherish and be grateful for the little things and give back with great love …

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane

Creator of all that is, thank you for the breath of life, for all of the little simple pleasures and comforts, it is commanded that I be a channel for your grace on earth, that I have the perspective, knowledge and understanding of what it is to be a source of hope, warmth and comfort, to know that it is possible and that I am doing it now with grace and ease.

thank you, it is done, it is done, blessed be ….

Imaginecells hero of the day is Nguyen Hoang Thao founder of Warmth Charity …

Published on Nov 30, 2013

Australia Network: Warmth Charity featuring Founder Hoang Thao and Mei Phuong
Australia – Vietnam 40th Anniversary Report 2013-11-30

Bringing warmth to those left out in the cold

by Trung Hieu — Hong Nhung

“I am not an ambitious person. I simply know there are many homeless people who have very difficult lives, as well as many extremely poor people and many orphans. I wish for everyone to live a ‘warmer’ life,” says Nguyen Hoang Thao, the leader of a charity group named the “Warm Group”.

In recent years, the formation of many such volunteer groups across cities and provinces has helped miserable people ease difficulties in their lives.

The “Warm Group”, established in Ha Noi two years ago, was one of the first groups of volunteers in the capital to dedicate itself to helping homeless people.

On social networks, the group asks people to name places that homeless people stay, so the volunteers can easily find them to help.

The group has attracted not only young people but also many parents and retirees.

Every Saturday at 10pm, the volunteers gather at a cafe to sort clothes, food and toiletries donated mainly through Facebook into small packages.

Then the group divides into smaller teams of about 10 people each to distribute the goods. Each team always consists of both men and women in order to prevent any dangerous situations.

“We give gifts to homeless people from 11pm to dawn. It’s only at night that we can find them where they sleep, as they work during the day,” says Hoang Thao.

The group usually distributes between 20 and 50 gifts during each night-time trip. Volunteers have only a few minutes to encourage each disadvantaged person before continuing their journey.

These trips may be tiring, but everyone finishes filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“After each trip, I feel more mature and know how to love and cherish life,” says Thu Phuong, a student at National University in Ha Noi. “I hope my small effort contributes to alleviating the misery of the homeless and helping them believe in life.”

The group has also organised many fundraising activities to help poor and disadvantaged people, including a recent garage sale that attracted many young people because it advertised “shopping without bargaining” — that is, a situation where buyers could pay their desired price for the products offered.

The cash collected was used to purchase food, medicine, blankets and other necessities for disadvantaged people.

Another charity group, Tam Long Viet (Vietnamese Heart), has been helping the homeless for five years, although they were only officially established last October.

To come up with a list of where they could find homeless people around the city, they had to spend many nights surveying every street corner, railway and bus station.

In addition to poor homeless labourers in Ha Noi, the recipients of the group’s charity efforts include poor fishermen living along the Hong (Red) River and homeless people living on an islet on the river.

“I don’t want to talk much about our activities,” says Nguyen Chi Thanh, 27. “Like children want to express gratitude towards a parent, we want to express our gratitude towards our country via these charity activities. We hope that our action may bring a little encouragement to these unlucky people.”

Recently, the mass media have reported extensively on the charitable activities of volunteer groups, which seek to increase people’s care for others in the community and link generous hearts to those who have undergone difficulties.

However, as a Vietnamese saying goes, “Cua cho khong bang cach cho” (The way you give is more important than what you give).

Thanh Vu, a veteran of many charity efforts, said that this was a point many people overlooked.

“We have received a lot of emails from young people who want to do charity, asking questions like: Where do homeless people sleep? Is it dangerous to go out in the night? They also send us old and torn clothes, or clothing that does not suit the homeless. These took a lot of time to sort. If the homeless people received these items, how would they feel?”

Voluntary youth movements benefit society and boost the spirit of national unity. However, in order to avoid unwanted risks, each volunteer should actively study and prepare well before joining charity trips. Kindness is important, but it’s also important to know how to express kindness in an appropriate way.

Philanthropy and volunteerism can be viewed as a medicine to help people realise the value of life, treasure the present and strive for a better society.

During charity trips, young people can also mature personally by seeing the struggles of unhappy people. Moreover, these trips serve to bring together people who wish to contribute to a better society. — VNS

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Morning Lift! SHINE ON! Imagine the power of Art and ritual to unify, uplift, and heal humanity.

Morning Lift!SHINE ON!

Seize the day! Breathe the sacred breath of life! Dance in the fullness of the light! BE!

Imagine the power of Art and ritual to unify, uplift, and heal humanity…

Published on Nov 1, 2013

This prayerformance, inspired by the chant “Full Woman,” celebrates the beauty and power of women and men expressing the fullness of their true nature as individuals and as sacred partners. In societies that tend to objectify and sexualize women, and to value men who are detached from their feelings, deep collective trauma has grown across cultures. We all suffer as a direct result. Full Human offers a new, dynamic image for humanity founded in the spirit of authenticity, community and earth/body-based ritual.

This prayerformance was created on Hawk Hill near San Francisco, CA, as part of One Billion Rising 2013; a global day of dance action calling for an end to violence and sexual oppression against women and girls.

The timing of the prayerformance also coincided with the shock of the sudden death of Brian Baker a few days prior. Brian was a friend of many of the dancers featured in the video, and he was the beloved of Michelle, the woman featured near the end of the video. The ritual became a healing anchor for Michelle and for her community. Together, and in the making of this video, they experienced the healing gift of grief held safely in community with love and fully experienced in their bodies.

May their healing and this video inspire a reclaimed culture of rituals and
communities rising together.

Production and Vision Holder by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil of Dancing Without Borders
Artistic Direction by John Maria
Originating Vision & Music by Rachel Bagby
Film directed by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil and Benedict Flanigan
Dancers: Amy Armstrong, Ari Kriegsman, Caroline Seckinger, Ethan Dunn, John Maria, Guillermo Ortiz, Lorina Manzanita, Michelle Baity, Prasad Nair, Rachel Bagby, Riki Bloom, Victor Lee Lewis
Vocalists: Rachel Bagby, Melanie DeMore, Christopher Kuntzsch, Nikki Henderson
Music Production by Screaming Lizard Productions
Edited by S. Smith Patrick

Full Woman and Full Human ©Rachel Bagby
Film dedicated to Brian Keith Baker 1965-2013

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MORNING LIFT! SHINE ON! Focusing on how I will do things in the new year -


Choosing to live my life with a full 30 year TADA! bucket list and as if everyday was my last… Awareness, Choice, Integrity, Passion, Compassion, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Curiousity, Playfulness, Resilience, Persistence, Fearlessness, Grace and Ease ….

This year I am doing things a little differently …. I am not focusing on what I will do for the new year… I am focusing on how I will do everything in the new year and for the rest of my life.

I have set my bar to live every day as if it were my last and that I will be proud to answer these questions at my next kindel archangel accountability meeting …

gives me the moral compass for my life, the steps to measure…

1. How well did you live what you believed spiritually?
2. On what basis did you carry out your relationships?
3. How much did you grow in character and in developing your talents?
4. What moral debts did you pay off?
5. What obligations did you incur?
6. To what degree are you more unselfish?

Integrity, zero tolerance to resistance, zero tolerance to fear.. Joy, Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Awareness, Choice, Passion, Curiousity, Playfulness, Resilience, Persistence, Fearlessness, Grace and Ease

Akashic Record Accountability Meeting with Kindel Archangel

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