Sarah Houghton – Imagine Cells hero for noticing, speaking out and calling other librarians to step up to protect intellectual freedom.

Sarah Houghton, librarian in black

You can see more of Sarah on her blog…
The Librarian in Black….

There’s an amazing library discussion going on….. the forum, the comment section of Sarah Houghton’s youtube post, slamming Amazon, Overdrive for blatant violations of privacy issues and calling librarians to wake up to what’s happening and advise their clients of their rights.

Below is my 10 minute rant about why the Kindle format lending from Overdrive is anti-user, anti-intellectual freedom, anti-library, and something that all librarians should be aware of and disturbed by. Amazon and Overdrive did wrong by us, and we bent over and took it. Watch to learn more. Warning: some language may be NSFW.

Note: Hopefully the video will stay up this time. I posted it last night and it was flagged and taken down within an hour. I’ll give you two guesses which company was behind that…

New Librarians, Working Librarians, need to remember their roots, and their mandates….
Advocating for the preservation of intellectual freedom,
Educating discernment and critical thinking in the processing of information,

Great to see the new generation of librarians, with the courage and the political will to speak out. This is the spirit of Ben Franklin and Andrew Carnegie….

You won’t always be popular. You may not even get paid a lot.
Man you will be waking up doing what Napoleon Hill described as truly wealthy – there’s a lot of “meaningful work” out there – someone needs to do it….

Follow your passion, the universe will find a way to sustain you…. be more, do more, have more…..

Thank you Sarah, for leading by example…..
your fan Jan

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