Know thyself … If I want the truth, I just ask ME ….

Know thyself ….
Ask not who am I, what do I want … To know the truth,
Just ask ME ……

Had to laugh at myself today when I was doing my morning reflections, gratitudes, meditations…. I have been very aware that the better my questions, the more clear the answer appears . I use muscle testing for my intuiting of universal truth and my highest best possible self.

Everyone talks about the I Am ..
There’s also the by Myself .
And the just be me…

Ok, it’s complicated…
Today to organize my day, I asked “me” and not should I. Not what do I want.

I asked What will ME be doing in the future, where will ME be going?

Talk about coming from a place of knowing … The answer was ” damn straight she is ” …. 🙂

Biggest takeaway, if I am just me, I will ask me and not myself or I …

Bazinga 🙂

Ok, me will explain… How the Janet unit will organize her life is by removing anything that isn’t me .. Like Michelangelo chipped away at everything that isn’t David..,

For example ..
Me lives in an uncluttered condo …

Therefore any clutter in me’s condo must be eliminated….

Me has organized financial records. Therefore taxes get filed on time.

Me runs like the wind and dances in the moonlight. Me naturally moves her body energetically..

Ya know, this is fun and it works for ME…

Organizing my life to be congruent with what works for ME …

Me has an an awesome blog, and will post this as a cool article, and a webinar …
And a book
Just be me ….

“Damn straight me does”

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  1. Pamela says:

    Can’t wait to read more about “ME”, love it!

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